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Our team has tons of experience providing siding installation and we’d be happy to show you the advantages this unique siding can provide for your home.

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Florida’s weather offers a variety of unique challenges that siding has to hold up under. That’s why a professional siding contractor from Assist2Build suggests installing Hardie board siding, a type of fiber cement siding uniquely designed to withstand Florida’s intense heat and humidity. Our company is located in Middleburg, FL, serving Jacksonville, FL, and surrounding areas.

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The Advantages Of Hardie Board Installation

Hardie board siding is a unique material. It is a type of cement fiberboard, but the composition is changed depending on the climate it’s being installed in. For Florida, this means it’s designed to help protect your house against heat, humidity, extreme moisture, and the sun. This type of siding has a number of other advantages, including the fact that it is heat, termite, and rot-resistant. Plus, installation of this siding material comes with a 30-year warranty so you know you made a great choice for your home.

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Whether you need siding repairs, siding replacements, or siding installations, we’ve got you covered. Assist2Build offers siding installation in Middleburg, FL, Jacksonville, FL, and surrounding areas. Call us today at (904) 413-7114 to hire a professional siding contractor!

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